After the Inland Revenue Department denied complete information freedom1 Forum Chairman Taranath Dahal sought on behalf of the RTI Support Centre on August 6, he has moved to the National Information Commission on October 8 with an appeal seeking complete information as per Clause 3 (a) of the RTI Act 2007.

Chairman Dahal appealed in the NIC as per Clause 32 (1, 2, 3 and 5) of RTI Act also demanding action against IRD for intentionally denying information.

He had sought the following information on August 6 as per the Right to Information (RTI) Act:

a. Information about the detailed amount of revenue generated from 518 firms which were found evading revenue making fake VAT bills/invoices as per the report of a task force coordinated by Laxman Aryal two years back. Separate details of the amount collected as fine to the firms.

b. Names, addresses, proprietors or share holders of the 518 firms which were brought to book.

c. What are the crimes of the 518 firms? Information in details,

d. Who were the auditors of the 518 firms?