Democracy is one of the prominent themes of Freedom Forum. Freedom Forum has strong belief that democracy can be flourished only when there is people’s participation in every decision making process on the one hand and on the other the leadership of public agency should be transparent and accountable to the people.

Our activities are focused to promote democratic principles, norms, values and standards and to strengthen democratic structures and to foster democratic culture in Nepal.Political Parties, pluralism/diversity, inclusion/Integration, social Justice, rule of Law, equity, free and fair election, civil society, good governance, transparency, accountability, civil-military relationship, federalism, sustainable development, and resource sharing are major area of work under the theme of democracy.

In order to effectively deliver the activities on the theme and attain its programmatic objective more competently, Freedom Forum works in collaboration with NGOs, civil society organizations, academic institutions, community-based organizations and other national/international organizations as well.

Further, the emphases are given to the youths from different sections of the society in programs of Freedom Forum so as to make the young generation conscious and proactive towards upholding democratic norms, values and principles. Freedom Forum has been carrying out several programs to promote citizen understanding of and involvement in the political sphere. Currently, the organization operates different programs including that of training at local level, dialogue for democracy among different stakeholders, media mobilization focusing on the production of radio and TV programs and PSAs.

In the similar vain, the organization carries out different programs at the policy making level. Freedom Forum initiates programs to promote consensus building between parties, strengthen political party leadership and governance, and encourage civil society and media oversight of the political process.

Major areas that we work under the theme Democracy:

• Activities to promote Universal Declaration on Democracy along with other international instruments
• Capacity Building and Empowerment
• Research and Publication
• Public Awareness Campaign through Media
• Celebration of International Day of Democracy
• Documentation and dissemination of relevant information
• Conducts program for strengthening democracy
• Create awareness about the role and function of political parties and other democratic institutions;
• Civic Education and engagement for enabling democracy

Major programs that are accomplished in line with the Democracy are:

• Training at local level
• Democracy Dialogue
• Media Mobilization (radio magazine Loktantra, PSAs)