Freedom Forum has been concerned over the injustice meted out on Inspector of Police Binod Sharma who had played a very important role to arrest the alleged killers of journalist Dekendra Thapa while he was in Dailekh district.

Instead of honouring the role he played to book the murderers and the contribution to check growing impunity, the government excluded Inspector Sharma while promoting 58 of his fellow Inspectors to the Deputy Superintendent of Police. He was not promoted though he was in the eighth position for promotion.

Talking to a national daily, the Kantpur, on February 29, 2013, Inspector Sharma said, “I am meted out injustice though I worked for the victims. If I were to be punished, I should have given the reason – against which provision of the Police Act and Regulation I acted.”

Although Inspector Sharma was a wow among the public for arresting and forwarding action against the killers of journalist Thapa, the government has sidelined him- in a way- punished him.
It has not only devalued the morale of a good police person but also set a precedent that anyone disloyal to the UCPN-Maoist would be deserted.

Beleaguered, Inspector Sharma has decided to knock the court’s door for justice.

It is worth noting here that Prime Minister Babauram Bhattarai, Attorney General Muktinath Pradhan and Inspector General of Police Kuber Singh Rana had piled pressure on the Dailekh District Police a month back to not forward the action against those arrested who were accused of murdering journalist Dekendra Thapa.

Prime Minister Bhattarai as the Vice-Chairperson of the ruling UCPN-Maoist gave tremendous pressure to the police in the district because all those arrested ones were the cadres and leaders of his party and of its breakaway faction- CPN-Maoist.  The UCPN-Maoist was therefore against the arrest and action on its cadres.

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