freedom1 Forum has released an analytical report on “Media Content from Gender Perspective” with the monitoring of Nepal’s five national dailies from October to December 2016.

This report presents an outcome of the assessment on women’s participation in the Nepali print media as news source, news actors and news reporters. It also encompasses topic wise distribution of main news, categories of news highlighting inequality and challenging stereotypes of women.

The study revealed that only 13.4% female are news writers among total 247 journalists monitored during the period.

Some Key Points

  • Among total 700 news scanned during the study period, 345 news didn’t specify name (sex) of journalist.
  • 13.4% female reporters and 10.7% female sources were quoted in the newspapers.
  • 18.52% females report on social and legal issues whereas only 48.15% report on political issues.
  • Overall, news on the political and governmental issues was found dominant.
  • Only 45 news stories among total highlighted inequality and warranted further analysis on gender perspective.
  • Comparatively, Annapurna Post revealed maximum inclusion of female as journalists and news sources.
  • The data revealed poor representation of women’s opinion in the politics, government and other development activities regardless of their growing participation in politics and bureaucracy in present context.