With the completion of the third lot of training on practical use of RTI focusing municipality and governance, freedom1 Forum has produced a total of 46 RTI campaigners, aiming at improving the implementation status of RTI in the local level (municipality, village development committee, district) thereby augmenting the RTI regime across the country.

.freedom1 Forum’s third lot of 5-day training on practical use of RTI focusing municipality and governance begun in Kathmandu on June 8, 2013 has successfully completed. It was organized with the aim of improving service delivery of local government by strengthening the implementation of the RTI Act.

During the training, the participants were imparted both theoretical and practical knowledge and skills about the RTI. Identification of information, its importance, and information seeking procedure were some important parts of the training.

In the practical session of training, the trainers were sent to various public agencies (government offices) in the Kathmandu Valley to file information applications. Similarly, they were taken to the National Information Commission to garner knowledge how it was functioning in the RTI sector and how it could help the RTI campaigners across the country.

Speaking at the concluding day of the training (on June 12) at NIC office, Koteshwor, freedom1 Forum Chairman Taranath Dahal said the trained youths would now seek information of public concern in the respective public agencies. He urged them to work boldly in favour of RTI, good governance and democracy.

Similarly, Secretary at the NIC, Shree Ram Pant said the NIC was planning its extension to the regional level and gradually to the district.

He admitted that the RTI Act 2007 was not fully implemented due to the political transition that emerged since the promulgation of the Act.

Secretary Pant urged the trained ones to devote to promoting the RTI though it is challenging. The implementation of the RTI would help build transparent society, he added.

Similarly, another trainer and senior journalist Dharmendra Jha said there was not such mighty tool than RTI to curb corruption and build transparent society. He expressed his belief that the RTI campaigners would change society through the use of RTI.

The participants were provided certificates on the occasion.

A total of 15 representatives from Bhimdutta Municipality of Kanchanpur, Byas of Tanahu, Dhulikhel of Kavre and Dharan of Sunsari are attending the training. However, this time, there were 16 participants.