Freedom Forum welcomes the recent publication of government’s decision on the wage of working journalists in gazette.

The government had fixed the monthly wage of working journalists at Rs 19,500 in minimum to be effective from the new fiscal year effective from Saun 1 (16 July). The government made this decision after the recommendation by the Minimum Wage Fixation Committee. Earlier, the minimum monthly wage fixed for the working journalists was Rs 10,000.

“It is a huge achievement for the working journalists in Nepal. It helps media houses to abide by the government’s decision on journalists’ financial security,” said Ram Prasad Dahal, member of the Minimum Wage Fixation Committee.

The wage was fixed in line with the Working Journalists Act which advocates for the rights of the journalists.

Similarly, Chairperson of Freedom Forum, Taranath Dahal observes, “The government decision to endorse committee’s recommendation on journalists’ wage and the publication in its gazette has not only documented the decision in favour of working journalists but also created atmosphere to ensure financial security of the journalists. However, more pressure campaigns should be continued to make media houses respect journalists’ rights. “

Freedom Forum, which has been continuously advocating for professional and financial security of the working journalists, hopes the publication of the recommendation of Wage Fixation Committee on gazette would encourage journalists for better performance. The financial and professional security of journalists go side by side thereby promoting enhanced work atmosphere.

At a time the many journalists are low paid, while many paid late, and even not paid, the publication on the decision would help prod stakeholders to pay heed to due remuneration to the working journalists.