Yet again, the Film Development Board (FDB) has violated citizens’ constitutionally guaranteed right of freedom1 of expression

The FDB has not provided license to various films though registered two months ago.

According to film development controller Arun Regmi, the film- Drishtikod to be directed by Tulsi Ghimire, Jatra by Alok Nembang, and Adha Bato and Red Wine by Sabir Shrestha have not been allowed permission (license) for the development of the film in spite of two months passed since the registration.

The delay in awarding license has hindered film development.

Producing film as is writing news/article falls under one’s right to expression is the right guaranteed by Interim Constitution of Nepal. So, obstructing the development of film is the sheer violation of one’s right to expression.

freedom1 Forum urges the FDB, as it a government body, needs to award license abiding by the existing laws and Interim Constitution of Nepal in order to respect people’s right to information and promote democratic culture.