First of its kind, Freedom Forum has produced a documentary about the journalists who were killed and made disappeared in the two decades from the beginning of armed conflict in February 1996 to 2016.

FF study recorded that 24 journalists were killed, while some went disappeared in Nepal during this period.

The documentary prepared with meticulous observation and field visits showcases the story of some journalists who were killed and made disappeared since 1996. It not only reminds the horrible days of the attack on media, but also brings to light the plight of those waiting for true information about their relative said to be killed, and want to see the culprits behind the bar.

FF, as an organization working for the freedom of expression, press freedom and journalists’ safety, aims at prodding the concerned agencies to address the impunity and respect press freedom.

The family of those killed by the both sides- State and rebel forces- are still waiting for justice. The impunity relating to the crimes against journalists is yet to be addressed, it underscores.

The documentary is produced with the support of a Netherlands-based organization, Free Press Unlimited.

You can watch the documentary visiting the link:-