Citing the news in the media that Nepal Government determined the categorization of the information about the public bodies as per the clause 27 of the Right to Information Act 2007, the freedom1 Forum Chairman Taranath Dahal on January 10 drew the attention of Chief Secretary, and sought information on the following:
a) The criteria of the categorization of the information is to be set as per the sub-clause 2 of clause 27 of RTI Act 2007. According to this provision, the criteria set only for the protection of the information related to the sub-clause 3 of clause 3 of the Act. Therefore, all public bodies need to inform people about the information that are kept confidential as per the sub-clause 3 of the clause 3 of the Act. However, the information about this has not been provided. Therefore, the prior information is sought on- why and for which information the criteria for categorization was set, and also the information if it was being reviewed as per the sub-clause 6 of the clause 27.
b) Provide information about the officials assigned in the information protection committee as per the sub-clause 1 of clause 27 which has assigned various official for protection of different data. Also provide the detailed information how and what the committee members set as criteria.
c) We are for the transparency and legal measure while categorizing the information.
d) If new criteria were set for categorization of the information, provide information to the public what the committee decided on this including the process. Once it was provided, it would pave the way for review as per the sub-clause 3 of clause 27 of the Act.