List of Murdered and Disappeared Journalists


Murdered Journalists: Name and Address Dates Remarks
1. Iswor Budhathoki (Kanchan Priyadarshi), Ex-Secretary, Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ),  Sindhupalchowk district 29th April 2002 Needs information whether the concerned family members or agencies lodged complaint or not for investigation and prosecution
2. Krishna Bahadur Sen ‘Ichhuk’, Editor, Janadesh Weekly 26th June 2002 Needs to search for Home Ministry’s reports on the case
3. Dev Kumar Acharya (D. Kaudinya), Janadesh Weekly 23rd July 2002 Needs to know from family members or relatives
4. Kamal AC, Janadeisha Weekly 1st October 2002 Needs to investigate whether he is a journalist or not
5. Kumar Ghimire, Jana Prabhat Werekly 2nd October 2002 Needs to verify from family
6. Raj Kumar KC, Rastriya Samachar Samiti (RSS) 24th October 2002 Needs to know from NHRC’
7. Nabraj Sharma ‘Basanta’, Kadam Weekly 2nd May 2002 Needs to know the legal status
8. Ambika Timsina, Janadesh Weekly and Mahima Weekly 11th December 2002 Needs to consult with the family members
9. Dhan Bahadur Rokkaa Magar, Radio Nepal 30th January 2003 Dead body not found and no case filed
10. Birendra Sah, Avenues TV, Dristi Weekly and Nepal FM 8th November 2007 Needs to refer the Supreme Court’s update
11. Maheshwor Pahari, Rastriya Swabhiman Weekly 2nd October 2005 Needs to highlight separately
12. Jagat Prasasd Joshi, Janadesh Weekly 28th November 2008 Needs to explore investigative committee’s report
13. Uma Singh, Janakpur Today and Radio Today FM 11th January 2009 Needs to see legal status, all decisions made
14. Dekendra Raj Thapa, Radio Nepal 11th August 2004 Case closed, needs to analyze the decision
15. Yadav Poudel, Avenues TV, Rajdhani Daily and Mechi Times 3rd April 2012 Needs to know the status of implementation
16. Devi Prasad Dhital, Media Entrepreneur 22nd July 2010 Needs to know the status of investigation filed at Dang District Police Station
17. Gyanendra Khadka, Rastriya Samachar Samiti (RSS) 6th August 2003 No case filed
18. Arun Singhaniya, Today Group 1st March 2010 Needs to know from Dhanusha District Court
19. Jamim Sah, President, Channel Nepal and Space Times 7th February 2010 Needs to know the status of case filed at Kathmandu District Court
20. Gopal Giri, Weekly Forum 15th January 2004 Needs to know whether the case was filed in Truth and Reconciliation Commission.
21. Khagendra Shrestha, Dharan Today 1st April 2005 Needs to know the status of case from family
22. Pushkar Bahadur Shrestha, New Highway Weekly and New Season Weekly 2nd January 2008 Needs to confirm whether he was a journalist.
23. Rohan Chaudhary, Jaleswornath FM 9th September 2015 Needs to ask with his parents and  Nepal Police
Disappeared Journalists:  
1. Prakash Singh Thakuri, Rajhdhani Daily 5th July 2007 Needs to know from Kanchanpur’s Prosecutor
2. Milan Nepali, Janadesh Weekly 21st May 1999 Yet to be confirmed whether he was a journalist
3. Madan Poudel, Radio Tamor 16th September 2012 Yet to be confirmed whether he was a journalist