Information Officer from Gulariya Municipality of Bardiya district, Kapil Ghimire, shared that before the PIO’s training he was in confusion which information could be disseminated to public and which not. But after the training, he was clear about the process of disseminating information to public.

Adding to Ghimire’s statement, another Information Officer from neighboring district Banke, Gaurilal Buddhathoki expressed that he gained confidence after the training with clear knowledge about proactive disclosure. He even said that it was an eye-opening experience and assured to encourage other local bodies and government agencies to practice RTI for accountability and transparency.

During the training Freedom Forum organized for public information officers in Dang from 21 to 23 April, the information officers shared their confusions about the RTI provisions. A total of 21 PIOs (no female participant because there were nor any female public information officers at local levels.) were trained on the importance of the RTI Act, and policies and provisions for maintaining transparency and accountability in the public agencies.

In the training, Jharendra Kharel, an information officer from Tulsipur Sub-metropolitan of Dang district committed to disclosing office information every three month through the means of official bulletins, websites and so on.

More  than  60%  participants  were  from  local  levels and  the  remaining  represented  the  District  Administrative  Office and the District Election Commission Office from Dang, Rolpa, Banke Bardiya and Rukum (East)  districts.

Meanwhile, during the training FF organized for public information officers in Bhaktapur from May 24 to 26, Information Officer from Siddhalek Rural Municipality, Ms Laxmi Poudel shared that she was given the responsibility of information officer just 15 days before the training, so she was grateful to FF for this opportunity. She even asked the organizers to conduct such training in various districts.

Freedom Forum’s Chief Executive Taranath Dahal,  General  Secretary  Dharmendra  Jha  and  Federation  of  Nepali  Journalist’s  (FNJ)  Vice  President Bipul Pokharel facilitated both the trainings.