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20. Solutions journalism is rigorous, evidence-based reporting on the responses to social problems

We have Ms.Holly Wise graduated from Murray State University with her master’s degree in mass communications and has spent the majority of her career managing newsrooms in various media markets in New Mexico and Texas. Let’s listen to her about Journalism called Solutions Journalism.

Ms. Holly Wise’s area of journalistic expertise is in solutions journalism and to that end, she founded VoiceBox Media in 2012. Its purpose is to provide a rigorous analysis of social problems and how people are solving them. Solutions journalism is an approach to news reporting that focuses on the responses to social issues as well as the problems themselves. Solutions stories, anchored in credible evidence, explain how and why responses are working, or not working. The goal of this journalistic approach is to present people with a truer, more complete view of these issues, helping to drive more effective citizenship.