Freedom Forum strongly condemns the gruesome murder of journalist, Yadav Poudel in Jhapa, an eastern district in the southern plain of Nepal. Poudel was found dead on road near Hotel Purvanchal at Birdamod buspark on Wednesday at 1:00am.

39-year-old Yadav, originally from Sijuwa VDC of Morang, a neighbouring district of Jhapa and living in rent in Jhapa, was active in journalism for a decade in the district being affiliated with the Avenues Television and the Rajdhani daily, and also Associate Editor of the local Mechi Times daily. Before his murder, he was at the hotel. It is learnt that he was killed last midnight. However, the reason behind the murder is yet to be divulged. The preliminary investigation of the police says that there were some hints that journalist Poudel was killed due to his reporting. The police have begun investigation arresting some suspects.

The shock wave spread in the free media of Nepal once again with the murder of journalist Poudel. It has showed that the security to journalists is very meager and appalling. Freedom Forum strongly urges the government to fairly probe into the incident and bring the culprits to book. Also, it is to inform that the Freedom Forum has initiated investigation from its side.


Taranath Dahal
freedom1 Forum