23 May 2022

Freedom Forum is cautious and worried of imminent threat also to the fundamental freedoms of the citizen in the emergence of an anarchic political context with recent activities of the Head of the State/President and country’s Executive Chief/Prime Minister against the letter and spirit of the Constitution and Supreme Court verdict.

Now is the situation when the citizens have been facing multiple crises and are being grossly deprived of basic health services in the wake of life-threatening COVID-19 pandemic. Against the backdrop of these troubled and unprecedented times, an insane move has been taken ahead to push the country to elections by overstepping the Constitution’s assumptions. In this context, we also call on all citizens and stakeholders to remain cautious and vigilant towards the growing risks of suppressing the citizens’ freedom of expression, right to information and freedom of the press with the undemocratic and untimely move of the incumbent government. Also, we would like to caution the government to not take any move to suppress political and civil rights of the citizens.


Taranath Dahal
(Chief Executive)
Freedom Forum