Freedom Forum notes that four information seekers were arrested from Gokarneshwor municipality of Kathmandu.

A police team mobilized from the Police Circle, Bouddha apprehended four right to information (RTI) campaigners affiliated to the National Federation for RTI.

Campaigners Ashmita Khatri, Adharsha Chhetri, Raju Sunar and Prem Shrestha were arrested based on a complaint of the municipality on June 18.

Talking to Freedom Forum, Deputy Superintendent of Police at the Police Circle, Raju Pande, shared that they were apprehended after the municipality complained of harassment and offensive behavior while seeking information.

Meanwhile, the Federation has claimed that the RTI campaigners were arrested and a case initiated against them on a false allegation in collusion of local government and police administration for mere exercise of right to information: they sought information over the irregularities at the local government.

Freedom Forum reminds the concerned municipality and security office that the constitution and RTI Act have guaranteed every citizen the right to information. So, any citizen has right to request for information of his/her or public concern from any public office. Similarly, the public agency is constitutionally obliged to provide the information.

At the same time, information seekers’ adherence to due procedure of information seeking is essential to minimize confrontation and build confidence.


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