Freedom Forum Welcomes today’s landmark decision of the Supreme Court of Nepal in favour of Right to Information Regime. The apex Court’s latest decision that the answer sheet of examination should be allowed for students to look at on demand has established the overriding of RTI laws in Nepal. Importantly it has made the classification of information by cabinet with misinterpretation the RTI Act almost irrelevant.

Bijay Aryal, a Student of Shanker Dev Campus, Ramshpath had demanded with the Tribhuwan University to see through his answer sheet in line with RTI Act 2007. When his demand was turned down, he moved to the national information commission with an appeal for getting information. NIC issued directive to the TU to provide information to Mr. Aryal.  Denying directive of NIC to provide information TU filed a writ petition in the Supreme Court instead.

At last, the SC deed what was much expected for effective RTI practice in Nepal. The decision is very crucial to create congenial RTI environment in Nepal. Citizens’ Campaign for Right to Information(CCRI) had legally facilitated the case. Advocates Tanka Raj Aryal, Reeshi Ram Ghimire including others form CCRI had pleaded for the case.