Freedom Forum requested information at local levels of Province-2 and all districts of Bagmati Province, seeking details on expenditure they made in response to COVID-19. The applications for the information were sent via post offices. Total 220 information applications were filed, seeking details so that it would be clear how transparently the local levels worked in crisis.

The information applications were filed as part of the month-long observation of the International Day of Right to Information/International Right to Know Day. FF organized various activities related to the right to information during September.

Project Manager and advocate Sanjeeb Ghimire and Program Associate Aditya Dahal requested for the information through the post office. The information was sought as per Article 27 of the Nepal’s Constitution 2015, and Section 3 and Section 7 (1) of Right to Information Act, 2064.

Following information was sought from the local levels:
a. How much money has been deposited and in which bank so far in relation to COVID-19?
2. What is the source of the money? How much money was spent on which titles?
3. Has any goods or money distributed as relief ?
4.  Who are the relief recipients

5. What items were purchased to build/construct the quarantine and holding centers, with a certified copy of the bill?

Similarly, an application was filed, seeking information along with a certified copy of the decisions of the board meeting for the procurement process and the proposals regarding the Covid-19 from January 2020 to date.

Earlier, information was sought from 12 local levels of Sindhupalchowk and 18 local levels of Dhanusha and some local governments of Kathmandu.