Being a promising civil society organization working with the objective to promote freedom of expression and its corollary-press freedom-in Nepal, Freedom Forum has the firm conviction that democracy can not thrive and serve citizen’s interests unless people’s right to freedom of expression and of press is guaranteed.

Freedom Forum’s sensitivity followed by consistent efforts for the protection and promotion of press freedom through regular monitoring, research, policy watch and inputs, publication, legal support, networking and advocacy has served as an impetus to be the part of people’s fundamental rights.

Among the major accomplishments made by Freedom Forum for the consolidation and strengthening of freedom of expressions and of press are constant lobby and advocacy for policy reform on media sector, public awareness, analysis of media-related laws and inputs for improvements, consolidating enforcement mechanism, drawing up Agenda for Change (AFC) as a long-term plan for the enhancement of freedom of expression in line with international standard.

Without a free press, few other human rights are attainable. A strong press freedom environment encourages the growth of a robust civil society, which leads to stable, sustainable democracies and healthy social, political, and economic development. Hence, Freedom Forum expresses its commitment to adhere for the cause of freedom of expression and free press as the right is central to the protection democracy and all other human rights.

Though constitution of Nepal guarantees the freedom of expression and of press, the reality is very different than the law. Journalism, which is considered as a major profession to safeguard freedom of expression, is severely attacked, intimidated and threatened these days in Nepal.

In this connection, Freedom Forum carries out different programs to safeguard freedom of expression and to promote the notion of free press.

Freedom Forum has a strong independent mechanism to monitor press freedom and freedom of expression situation of Nepal. Freedom Forum publishes the report of Nepal’s press freedom situation 2 times every year, i.e. end of the year and on the occasion of World Press freedom Day.

Similarly, Freedom Forum had put sustentative efforts as one of the lead organizations in charting out the Agenda for Change (AFC) on freedom of expression and preparing joint action plan to execute these agendas in collaboration with ARTICLE 19 and Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ). The AFC was prepared in line with international standard on freedom of expression. The major activities carried out under this national campaign were four-round stakeholders meeting comprising the experts of freedom of expression and lawmakers, constant lobby and advocacy for the constitutional guarantee of freedom of expression, local discussion at grassroots level, media campaign, thematic discussion among stakeholders, focused group discussion and research.

Major areas that we work under the theme Free Press:

• Research and publication
• Advocacy and Networking
• Monitoring of freedom of expression and of press situation
• Policy Watch and Inputs for Reform of Media Sector
• Legal Support
• Media Campaign through electronic and print media
• Public Awareness Programs
• Thematic Discussion