Freedom Chautary
108: Cyberspace: Crime, international norms and human rights

The increasing use of ICTs has both positive and negative effects in society. The issues ranging from communications to learning and business are fostered by ICTs on the one hand while it has been misused for various malicious purposes. Many countries across the globe have begun homework to regulate cyberspace enabled and accelerated by the ICTs. Every country whether it is big or small, developed or developing, cyberspace is a common interest and common concern. With the expansion of the internet across the globe and its impacts in various sectors, the State’s behavior is responsible to make cyberspace safe and secure, by respecting everyone’s human rights. As the internet issues are transborder issues, the debate on norm-setting for State behavior on cyberspace has begun in the UN level. This edition of Podcast is focused how the debate in the UN began around setting norms on State behavior in cyberspace, what are the procedures to proceed the issues and what are the developments made so far. Here is an orientation on it in English by and presented by Ms. Sheeta Kumar of the Global Partners Digital.

Freedom Forum believes it is beneficial for Nepal to gain knowledge on this pressing issue of the day.