Freedom Forum began the third phase of 3-day Public Information Officer Training in Bhalubhang Dang, on 21st April 2018 with the objective of making Public Information Officer (PIO’s) aware about the Right to Information Act and its provision for maintaining transparency and accountability in public agencies.

Greeting all the participants, Project Manager (CS:MAP) Sanjeev Ghimire welcomed the trainers and facilitators, Executive Chief Taranath Dahal, General Secretary Dharmendra Jha and Civil Society Officer of FHI 360 Mr. Irshad Ansari.

Senior journalists and RTI experts, Mr. Dahal and Jha shed light on the evolution, principles, scope of Right to Information and shared how Freedom Forum has led to implementing RTI Act in the context of Nepal.

Adding to this, Civil Society Officer of CS: MAP mentioned about the CS: MAP project and how it is connected with civil society and talked about the importance of RTI in Nepalese context.

A total of 21 information officers from various local bodies have participated in the training organized under the project “Civil Society Mutual Accountability Project (CS: MAP)”, supported by USAID and implemented by FHI360.This third phase of training held outskirts of Kathmandu involves information officers from the different parts of Nepal(Banke, Bardiya, Eastern Rukum, Rolpa and Dang).

Among 21 participants no females were participated, as females have not been appointed as Public Information Officers in the concerned districts.