Total sixty colleges affiliated to Tribhuvan University across the nation were demanded information through RTI at once.

Under leadership of freedom1 Forum, a non-governmental organization working for Right to Information since long, information has been demanded from sixty colleges across the nation including Kathmandu Valley.

According to freedom1 Forum’s Executive Chief, Taranath Dahal, in accordance with the Nepal’s constitution 2072 section 27 and Right to Information Act, 2064’s section 3 and section7 (1) Mr. Dahal and an RTI activist Kumar Chaulagain have demanded information for their own study and information purpose and thus, have registered applications through Post Office demanding official certified copies of information.

Through the applications, activists seek information from individual colleges regarding:

  • the name lists of the team mobilized by Fiscal Administration Division, TU for internal audit of the college,
  • certified copy of the letter received from the center,
  • verified copy of internal audit report of Fiscal Year 2015/16 of the college,
  • Dates on start and end of the internal audit of the college,
  • Details on expenditure incurred under different headings during auditing period,
  • Official copy of approval letter for above mentioned expenses,
  • Name of Information Officer in according to RTI Act section (6),
  • And, a certified copy including name, designation, working sector, contact number and his office room’s number.

Executive Dahal has stated that, even ten years after endorsement of RTI act and twenty-five years after guaranteed access of citizen to information, they are still unaware on the topic. Hence, I have demanded information from sixty different colleges across Nepal.

The CC of application has also been forwarded to National Information Commission, Vice- Chancellor of TU and District Administration Office according to a source at freedom1 Forum.