This website provides updated information on the situation of press freedom and media rights in Nepal , as well as on the initiatives taken to address the issues of Nepalese media at national and international levels.

It also highlights the contribution and role of media in upholding and promoting democracy, peace, development, good governance as well as poverty alleviation in Nepal .

It advocates and lobbies for better atmosphere for the exercise of press freedom, freedom of expression as well as other democratic rights of people.

It also advocates for the rights of media practitioners for unhindered access to information and the sources of news, and lobbies against repression of any kind, including arrests, detention, threats and harassment for peaceful expression of opinions.

It lobbies against violence against citizens and works to ensure the safety of media professionals to carry out their profession.

It advocates for an atmosphere where no individual or groups and even government exert any direct or indirect forms of pressure or censorship on the media, and works to consolidate international solidarity to the media freedom movement in and across Nepal .

Aims and Objectives of Freedom Forum:

  • To work to promote and protect press freedom and freedom of expression;
  • To monitor the situation of human rights and civil liberty.
  • To be whistle-blowers and lobby against present and future violations;
  • To take the necessary initiative towards conflict mediation/resolution and thereby effect a lasting peace in the country;
  • To embark on an action plan thus helping consolidate pluralism and the democratic processes in the country;
  • To make tangible contributions towards rural and urban development through education and awareness drives along with other initiatives.