Mission and Vision

Freedom Forum is a collective initiative of policy researchers, advocates and academicians committed to democracy, human rights, press freedom and equitable development of society or the nation.

Total freedom is the eternal desire of human civilization, and it is our firm conviction that nothing is more valuable than freedom.

Thus, the mission of this organization is to work, in whatever way possible, to safeguard the fundamental freedoms of citizens in full adherence to modern democratic norms and values.

The Forum believes that ideal democracy would not be a far cry if people, especially professionals with knowledge, skill and zeal come together to work for the progress of the nation. This organization has come into being with the aim and vision of making sincere and collective efforts towards the resolution of conflict, restoration of peace and establishment of an ‘inclusive’ democracy in Nepal . For this press freedom, human rights and civil liberty are quite essential.

Democracy : The Forum and its activities are broadly concerned with civil liberty, democratic and fair electoral mechanism, dialogue, party building, reform in governance, conflict transformation and the peace building, constitutional reform and other areas that have direct bearing with democratic norms and practices.

Human rights : The Forum’s concerns on human rights are inspired by the Universal Declaration on Human Rights and related international conventions, treaties and instruments. It stresses respect to the people’s right to life, right to medical care, right to education, right to equal and fair social treatment as well as the right to hold political/ideological beliefs.

Media freedom and freedom of Expression : The Forum works to ensure that the mass media is able to play its role as the Fourth Estate and that it enjoys the independence and freedom to disseminate information without any hindrance. The Forum considers freedom of Expression and the people’s ‘right to information’ as fundamental trait of an equitable, prosperous and democratic society. It also works to enhance media professionalism and make it socially more responsible.

Freedom Forum 

Five-year strategic priorities, plans and program areas

(2016 to 2021 AD)

  1. The five-year priority areas of Freedom Forum are as follows
  2. Protection and promotion of freedom of press and of expression
  3. Promotion and development of professional journalism
  4. Defending journalists, Right to Information activists and freedom of expression practitioners
  5. Policy and legal study, research and advocacy for evidence-based media reforms
  6. Promotion, protection and practice of the right to information
  7. Proactive civic watchdog for the promotion of good governance
  8. Study, research, practice and evidence-based advocacy of Open Data
  9. Research/study, promotion and evidence-based advocacy of Open Budget
  10. Research/study and advocacy in the area Internet freedom
  11. Policy study and advocacy in various sectors of Public Financial Management
  12. Research/study and advocacy to advance social accountability and responsibility
  13. Promotion of human rights and democratic norms and values
  14. Research/study, civic monitoring, oversight and education and advocacy for the guarantee of free and fair elections
  15. Promotion of the use of media, Right to Information, Open Data and Public Financial Management (PFM) tools to support the movement and campaign for social justice and development of disadvantaged people
  16. Research and advocacy for the establishment and advancement of Public Service Broadcasting
  17. Research and advocacy in the area of parliamentary transparency and political accountability
  18. Contribution to the attainment of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through exchange of ideas, experience and learning at national and international level being focused on attaining the targets of Goal 16
  19. Affiliation and participation in regional and global networks related to transparency, right to information, freedom of expression, free and professional press, civic engagement and Open Government Partnership
  20. freedom Forum will adopt following strategic approaches in the areas of above mentioned strategic priorities
  21. Knowledge construction (research and study), management and dissemination
  22. Training and mentoring
  23. Policy Advocacy, lobby and campaign
  24. Collaboration with CSO/government/academic institutions/media and international organizations and networks
  25. Media mobilization
  26. Institutional capacity development and transfer
  27. Dialogue and facilitation
  28. Networking at local, national and international level
  29. Sustainability
  30. Freedom Forum will raise and mobilize fund and supports from national and international donors and development partners by formulating programmes and projects in consistent with the priority areas and strategic approaches
  31. Freedom Forum will not receive any government aid and subsidy for institutional management and operation apart from the operation of collaborative project in the strategic priority areas
  32. Freedom Forum will remain fully committed to the values of institutional governance, transparency and civic freedom and adopt them in practice accordingly within the organization
  33. Freedom Forum will adopt into practice the values and principles of gender equity and anti-discrimination
  34. Freedom Forum’s mission is to sustain its interventions as an academic and knowledge centre

It was endorsed by the general assembly of the organization held on 7 February 2016.