Freedom Forum is sharing the news that the case related to “unfair dismissal of three  journalists” has been registered at the Labour Court today. Freedom Forum has been supporting the journalists by providing legal aid, legal assistance, and advice. Three journalists associated with Radio Nepal Far Western Broadcasting Office were discontinued from service without formal notice. Among the journalists, Ms. Sunita Rawal worked as a senior experienced Radio Jockey for 10 years, Mr. Praskash Bam as Radio Jockey and Mr. Chakra Kunwar as News Reader for 3 years respectively. The broadcasting office lies in the Far Western Province of Nepal.

The trio journalists were denied of their service contract without providing any kind of explanation and opportunity to defend.

After the misconduct was brought to FF’s notice, FF has been continuously advocating, promoting and supporting the journalists to help them return back to their respective jobs. Discontinuing the journalists without providing them with adequate reasoning is against Section 13 of the Labor Act 2074 and Section 6 of Act relating to the Working Journalist, 2051.