Yet again, the freedom1 Forum has moved to the Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) on December 27, 2011, seeking information on free distribution of petroleum products to various public bodies and persons.

As per the Article 9 (1) of the Right to Information Act 2007, freedom1 Forum Chairman filed again the application addressing the Executive Director at the NOC after the Information Officer denied information demanded on December 6, 2011.

Chairman Dahal had filed the application in the NOC on December 6, 2011, seeking the following information:

a)    Complete details about the free coupon of petroleum products distributed to the persons/offices by the NOC since July 17, 2006 till date (name and address of the persons/office getting petroleum products, amount provided and petrol pump and date)

b)     On which basis the NOC has provided the free coupon; photocopies of any policy documents or guidelines or decision if has any

c)    Amount of the petroleum products and LP Gas the NOC purchased and sold, and details of purchase and retail prices since July 17, 2006 (separate purchased amount and sale  prices of each time with clear date)

The registration number of the application in the NOC is 8654.

As the NOC is a public body, every Nepali citizen has the ownership on it. Its administrative and financial activities must therefore be transparent to all Nepalis.

The registration number of the application filed on 27, 2011 is 8260.