As per the new constitution and federal set up, Nepal is implementing the Criminal Code from tomorrow (August 17).

On the eve of its implementation, the Criminal Code has spread panic because it has incorporated various issues, including blasphemy, defamation, privacy, and freedom of expression, which actually had to be included under the Civil Code.

It is not only to suppress people’s freedom of expression, individual freedom and privacy but also to limit journalists’ right to investigative reporting.

To this, FF Executive Chief, Taranath Dahal, observes, “Seeking permission for photograph, banning satirical cartoons, curtailing freedom of expression in the name of privacy are some provision included in the Criminal Code are blatant violation against citizen’s fundamental rights and journalists’ right to free and investigative reporting. The Codes which are replacing the longtime prevailed code known as Muluki Ain of Nepal were objected by FF earlier since their drafts. Concern from different stakeholders as it is on the eve of getting implemented is genuine.”

To this regard, Freedom Forum has been raising concern since its draft and legislative process along with discussion and interaction. Freedom Forum has again prodded the concerned agencies to amend the Code so that citizen’s right would not be suppressed.

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