Freedom Forum has submitted different resource documents related to media law and policies to newly appointed State Minister of Communication and Information Technology, Mr. Gokul Prasad Baskota on 9th April, 2018 with the objective of facilitating Mr. Baskota in making policy decisions in the field of information, communication and freedom of expression in the changed context.

The main document comprises the review of different policies such as National Mass Communication Policy (NMCP) 2016, Online Media Operation Directive (OMOD) 2017, Freedom of expression related provision on the draft bill of Civil & Criminal Code, and Section 47 of Electronic Transaction Act 2008.

FF congratulated Minister Baskota and expressed its commitment to work together with the government in the theme of press freedom, right to information, open and accountable government, internet freedom and vouch to continue its work to protect and promote freedom of expression in Nepal.

Receiving the reference material, Baskota thanked FF for its initiation and assured that he is ready for the collaboration in coming days.