Three journalists working at Province Broadcasting Center Dipayal of Radio Nepal namely, Sunita Rawal, Prakash Bam and Chakra Kunwar were dismissed from their job without prior notice and explanation.

Journalist Rawal who was working with Radio Nepal for 10 years was dismissed from her job along with two other journalists who were working there for three years. Three of them were called at the Radio Broadcasting Service Development Committee on August 19 and informed about their dismissal verbally without any explanation.

Freedom Forum is severely concerned over the dismissal of journalists without showing any reason. The dismissal of journalists in the media run by government shows sheer insecurity of journalists and their profession. Posing journalists to financial insecurity and depriving them of profession has not only violated their right to work but also jeopardized press freedom. Hence, FF strongly urges the authority to restore them in the positions they were in the organization.

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