Freedom Forum in collaboration with other partner organizations organized an event to mark International Women’s Day 2017. The event ‘Walk for Change’ was marked by a large number of men taking part in a procession entitled ‘M4W (Men for Women) march’ in Lalitpur on March 8, 2017.

The march that began from Jawlakhel with around a hundred men participants carrying placards passed through Man Bhawan, Kumaripati, Lagankhel and concluded upon reaching Mangalbazaar, Patan. Each of the male participants were also provided with a hair band so that they would gift it to their better half or female members in their families after the event.

The event was organized at the joint initiative of Nepal Forum of Environment Journalists, Freedom Forum, Antenna foundation, CWIN, among other community and social organizations. The men for women campaign is being organized with the recognition that collaboration with men was a must to ensure women’s rights.

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As women’s voice and campaign alone are incomplete for women’s equality, the campaign has been initiated from this day and will continue on coming years to help maintain women’s equality and social justice, Executive Director at NEFEJ, Laxman Upreti said.

Similarly, FF’s Chief Executive Taranath Dahal asserted him adding that such event from now onward should be celebrated extensively on the national level rather than organization-wise.