Freedom Forum is delighted to announce that it has become a member of the Global Forum for Media Development (GFMD)- the largest global community for media development, media freedom and journalists’ support.

In May 2024, GFMD welcomed FF along with other ten organizations into the community reaching total 199 member organizations. GFMD said that new organizations with diverse visions and skills will contribute to the synergistic effect, expecting it to be helpful to bring positive impact on the worldwide media landscape.

FF’s Executive Chief Mr Taranath Dahal attended GFMD General Assembly held online on April 24. During the assembly, GFMD members had discussed possible strategies for supporting journalists. GFMD community works with a mission to strengthen and support media ecosystems, empowering journalists, media professionals, and civil society organizations to drive innovation and promote pluralism.

FF is proud to be a part of the global community. As an organization dedicated towards protection and promoting freedom of expression and journalists’ safety in Nepal, FF takes this membership as an opportunity to make visible its activities for the cause of democracy in the country and abroad via the global arena.

Executive Chief Dahal observed that becoming the member of GFMD provides an opportunity for FF to build further collaboration to advance democratic values irrespective of border. “It will help us build a partnership for achieving the goal of protecting and promoting democracy through respect of FoE, press freedom, civic space and digital rights,” he underlined, extending sincere gratitude to the GFMD leadership for its recognition to FF.

FF’s membership of GFMD has come at a time when atmosphere for media and CSOs in Nepal is witnessing hard times, thereby warranting attention from various sectors to ensure sustainability.

The GFMD is a Belgium-based international network of journalism support and media development organisations. It works together to support journalism and media through collaboration, knowledge exchange, and advocacy.