Press Release

Amid increased infection of coronavirus and deaths caused by it in Nepal, the journalists working actively to inform public have also felt unsafe.

At a time when hundreds of media are closed resulting in thousands of journalists rendered jobless and several unpaid with the financial instability of media, journalists, who are still in profession facing hardship, have sought cooperation for their safety and media sustainability.

Bearing it in media, Freedom Forum has managed insurance to the journalists affiliated to the Online Journalists’ Association. The Corona insurance of Rs 100 thousand is ensured to each journalist with the Association.

Freedom Forum provided the fee for the insurance. Shikhar Insurance arranged the facility for it.

The Association has expressed happiness and extended thanks to FF for this help at such hour of crisis. “Association members have felt relief and the insurance helps boost our morale,” it added.

Nearly 2800 persons have been infected and 11 persons lost their lives to the COVID-19 till date (4 June) in Nepal. The infection rate has grown exponentially in the recent weeks. More than half dozen of journalists are suffering the coronavirus infection.

To this, FF Executive Chief Taranath Dahal observed, “Nepali journalists are in desperate need of help owing to the spread of COVID-19. Their day to day reporting, producing/disseminating of news has been badly affected, thereby depriving citizen of their right to free expression and information. Health, financial and professional securities of journalists must be ensured at present so that journalists would be safe and journalism survives there. Any democracy without journalism can not be functional. FF effort of insurance is a help in need.”


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