Nepal police has issued an arrest warrant against a noted media entrepreneur Kailash Sirohiya, Chairperson of Kantipur Media Group today (May 21).

The warrant was issued in the background of series of news publication critical to Deputy Prime  Minister and Home Minister Ravi Lamichhane by the Kantipur national daily. It has been publishing news about alleged involvement of Home Minister Lamichhane in the misappropriation of cooperative funds along with convincing documents.

Lamichhane has however, repeatedly discredited media for  publishing  news critical to him.

Sirohiya has said he was issued the arrest  warrant for the news his media published exposing the irregularities.

Meanwhile media reports have come that arrest warrant was issued on the basis of a complaint filed over Sirohiya’s  citizenship issue in Dhanusha district.

Sirohiya was arrested from the media office on May 21. He has be remanded to custody for three more days for further investigation.

Freedom Forum is concerned over the incident. Such action of the security authority is discouraging to media and  fellow journalists.

FF Executive Chief Taranath Dahal said, “The arrest warrant against media entrepreneur Sirohiya seems guided by the undue influence of Home Minister. Irrespective of the investigation on citizenship issue, media house’s right to free reporting and exposing irregularities must not be assailed by harassing the media entrepreneur.”

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