Freedom Forum is pleased to inform that Meta has lifted a restriction it had imposed on a Nepali news media.

An online news media –– was restricted from posting on Facebook, to which Freedom Forum had shown a severe concern.

The Democracy Media Network, which runs the news media, had complained that hundreds of posts- news stories and opinions- were erased and the news media was blocked from posting any updates. They had complained the Meta but to no avail.

On Friday, Freedom Forum issued a press release, criticizing the way the news media was treated. The media had neither violated any community standard nor breached journalistic ethics and professionalism.

The Meta was not only made aware of the need of making its content regulation transparent but also protecting citizen’s rights to information and unobstructed media practices.

Freedom Forum still reiterates that unless the content regulations of digital platforms are ensured transparent, freedom of expression is jeopardized time and again. At a time when digital platforms are the most used media for FoE and media practices, tech companies’ accountability to citizens/users is a pressing issue for advocacy.

Freedom Forum has been advocating for it so that human rights including FoE are protected and promoted on cyberspace/digital platforms.


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