(Photo source: Journalist Guragain’s Facebook)

Journalist Subida Guragain associated with the Nagarik national daily has started a five-day Satyagraha- civil strike- in the office premises from September 21.

He started the civil strike following the forced resignation after non-payment of his three months’ salary. He has forwarded five points demand to be addressed by the media house’s management.

He has also called upon fellow journalists and media organizations to join the movement for protection of working journalists’ rights as per Working Journalists Act.

Senior journalist Guragain specifically requests the Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ) to initiate a dialogue to address his demands.

Following COVID-19 crises, media house resorted to unjust retrenchment in Nepal. Freedom Forum’s recent assessment report has also shown that  38 percent of active journalists were jobless and thousands others were unpaid.

Freedom Forum expresses solidarity to the journalist’s civil strike and stands for the right of journalists. Together, FF strongly urges the concerned media house to immediately address the rights of agitating journalist, by paying him on time.

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