Senior journalist Kishor Nepal’s social accounts have been hacked since October 25. Nepal is former president of Federation of Nepali Journalists and has served as editor in various Nepali media.

According to the senior journalist Nepal, his Facebook account suddenly stopped functioning on October 25. After a few days, his twitter and instagram accounts also stopped working.

Following this, journalist Nepal reported the incident at cyber bureau of Nepal Police, concerned ministries and administrative officer.

Moreover, his mobile number and email also stopped functioning on November 18- just two days before the federal and provincial election.

Thereafter, he has been completely bereft of social communications and updates.

“I have informed all concerned authorities about the incident but in vain. I am worried why I am being attacked with these new sorts of weapons, he said, questioning, “Is this not an attempt to restrict my rights to free speech?”

Though Nepal’s mobile number started functioning from December 1, all other accounts are yet not functioning.

Freedom Forum’s executive chief Taranath Dahal states- senior journalist Nepal has been victim of state surveillance, digital threats and cyber attack which is very concerning. This is a severe restriction on journalists’ and civic rights.

FF strongly urges state authorities to investigate the incident fairly and ensure justice to journalist Nepal.

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