With untiring advocacy and pressure from the civil society organizations (CSO) including Freedom Forum and media fraternity that included the international organizations as well, Chairperson at Kantipur Media Group Kailash Sirohiya was released after nine days of detention on May 29.

Sirohiya was arrested from Kantipur Office, Kathmandu, on May 21 after an order from District Court, Dhanusha following a complaint filed on April 28 over his citizenship issue. He was transferred to Dhanusha District Police Office  where he was kept in detention.

During his stay in detention, Sirohiya experienced heart-related  problems and was again brought back  to Kathmandu for treatment on May 28. He has been undergoing treatment in the coronary care unit at Nepal Mediciti hospital.

During investigation, Dhanusha District Court extended Sirohiya’s remands thrice which was due on Wednesday (May 29).

On the ninth day, Sirohiya was released with order from Dhanusha District Attorney Office to the Lalipur Police office. As per order, Sirohiya does not need to be kept in detention for further investigation; however, he should be present himself should a call is made.

On this, media entrepreneur Sirohiya said that despite his readiness to cooperate in the investigation process he was detained for  nine days just to torture him and to create fear in the media fraternity. He added that he would seek legal remedy against those were involved in this vengeance.

Freedom Forum had been closely observing the case since the day of Sirohiya’s arrest. FF has continuously advocated for his prompt release. FF had the stand that he was held for vengeance rather than over citizenship issue, because the Kantipur daily had continuously reported against misappropriation of cooperative fund, where Home Minister had involvement.