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Freedom Forum is concerned over the interim order issued by Supreme Court of Nepal against a writ application that aims at scrapping newly proposed remuneration to Employees and workers working at Communication Company and media.

Government of Nepal has ordered the minimum remuneration fixation committee to recommend the minimum salary for the employees (Journalists,staffs and workers) working at the communication company. As per the Working Journalists Act of Nepal, a Minimum remuneration fixation committee is established under the Working Journalists Act, 2051 B.S.

This is a system of an old act established in the year 2051. The act has divided three layer structures as Working journalist, Employee and Workers and minimum remuneration for each is fixed by the Minimum Remuneration Fixation Committee. Also there is the provision for review of the remuneration fixation in every two years.

Latest order from Supreme Court has affected the rights of new journalists and employees working in the media. FF urges the court to review the order in favor of all media staffs and workers and hopes that SC will consider this fact while delivering the final verdict.

FF is positive upon the response of Communication and Information Minister to vacate such decision and requests the government to submit review application at SC.

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