Freedom Forum has been concerned over the arrest of human rights campaigners from Baluwatar area, the place of Prime Minister’s residence in Nepal, on April 9, 2013.

Police arrested 12 activists who have been campaigning under the ‘Occupy Baluwatar Campaign’ for over 100 days, demanding the end of violence against women and justice, establishment of rule of law, and against of impunity.

The arrested ones were Sudha Maharjan, Sushila Maharjan, Ishan Adhikari, Jagannath Lamichhane,  Bidushi Dhungel, Prajwal Shrestha, Mukesh Shrestha, Nirprakash Giri, Kunjan Kafle, Mahis Maharjan, Bikram Shreshtha and Ujwal Thapa .

The arrest of the campaigners is a blatant violation of their Freedom of expression and of peaceful protest.

Freedom Forum therefore urges the government not to suppress but respect their demands which are very genuine. Peaceful protest is guaranteed by the law.

Although the arrested ones were released after some hours, such suppression is against the human rights.

April 9 was the 103rd day of the peaceful protest of the rights campaigners. The Occupy Baluwatar Campaign was launched by the rights defenders against backdrop of the rising number of violence against women (VAW) to mount pressure on the concerned authority to cater justice to victims of VAW, and punish the perpetrators rigorously.

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