In line with Clause 3 of the RTI Act 2007 and on behalf of the RTI Support Centre of freedom1 Forum, Taranath Dahal and Sanjib Ghimire applied in the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers on October 11, 2012 seeking the following information:

I.    Details of all annexes of a report submitted to the Office of the Prime minister by a property judicial probe commission led by then Supreme Court justice Bhairav Prasad Lamsal in 2058 BS.

II.    Who were accused and filed cases by the Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority for amassing properties with undisclosed sources, and details of the charge.

Similarly, they sought the following information with the Home Ministry:
I.    Number of probe commissions formed till date since October/November 1990 by then His Majesty Government, and now Nepal Government for the investigation of different incidents,

II.    Names of the commissions, its assigned officials, date of formation, dates the commissions submitted their reports.

III.    Detailed information about how many homeless and destitute children have been adopted by the foreign nationals with recognition from the Home Ministry and Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare; who are the foreign nationals. Were they family or any organizations?