In what appears to be an achievement of freedom1 Forum’s continuous lobbying for educating students on right to information, the Curriculum Development Centre (CDC) under the Ministry of Education, Nepal has introduced RTI in the curriculum of Mass Communication at secondary level education.
‘It is for the first time that the State has formally recognized RTI in the school curriculum, heeding the voice raised for incorporating the subject in the textbook’, said freedom1 Forum Chairperson Taranath Dahal.
It may be noted that the Kathmandu Declaration-2011 of the First National Convention on Right to Information organized and facilitated by freedom1 Forum has recommended the academic institutions to include the RTI as a multidisciplinary branch of study in academic curriculum and conduct academic research works on RTI.
A taskforce formed by the Curriculum Development Centre has recommended the incorporation of the subject matter of RTI in the curriculum and it was approved by the Subject Committee. freedom1 Forum has its representation in both the taskforce and subject committee.
Though freedom1 Forum has been lobbying to include the subject matter as a part of civic education at all levels, the move has at least paved the way to expand its base and space in coming days.
We sincerely welcome the move of the CDC to recognize the need of making RTI a part of school curricula and urge the government to replicate the practice in the entire educational system.