Press Release

A leading social media company Facebook (Meta) removed a post of Freedom Forum Nepal on October 29. Freedom Forum is a pioneer organization working on protection and promotion of freedom of expression in Nepal.

The post was about FF’s solidarity and signature to a joint statement of civil society organizations around the world to support immediate restoration of telecommunications and other essential services in Gaza and other affected areas to ensure that international and humanitarian law are respected.

Internet and telecommunication infrastructures in Gaza were destructed thus, disrupting citizens’ access to information and communication. On this, more than 100 international civil society organizations including Freedom Forum had signed a joint statement condemning the destruction and calling national and international community to support for restoration of the internet and communication in the area.

FF shared this joint statement published on the website of Arab Alliance for Digital Rights on October 20 on its Facebook page. After few hours, a notification read: ‘We removed your status. Your post goes against our community standards on spam.’

‘It is sheer suppression of freedom of expression by the tech company, Meta, which is against human rights,’ said FF Chief Executive Taranath Dahal, urging Meta to restore the global concern for affected peoples’ right to access information and communications.