Freedom Forum is pleased to share that National Information Commission, Nepal has principally agreed to work in collaboration with Freedom Forum for protection and promotion of right to information (RTI) in Nepal.

According to the decisions made by NIC’s board on August 2, the commission has agreed to collaborate in the following activities for the fiscal year 2023/24 (2080/81 BS).

These activities include –

  1. Operation of mobile application (for both android and ios)- RTI Nepal ,
  2. Legal assistance to RTI activists,
  3. Celebration of International Day for Universal Access to Information (September 28),
  4. Effective functioning of RTI help desk at Freedom Forum,
  5. Promote the dialogue with different stakeholders on Open Government and form different thematic groups of civil society on Open Government Partnership,
  6. Advocacy for regulation to protect rights of whistle blowers,
  7. Training to investigative journalists reporting on public interest issues on the use of RTI,
  8. National Conference on RTI,
  9. Publication of success stories about use of RTI and its impacts, and
  10. Research and publication of materials on RTI

These activities will be conducted on the basis of available resources at FF. NIC’s collaboration on the activities will be non-monetary.